Our Services Include:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Marital Counseling

  • Life Coaching

  • Inner Healing

  • Mental Health Counseling

Ministry / Inner Healing /

Behavior Modification / Counseling Components:

  •     Steps to Sexual Health

  •     Addictions

  •     Anger Management

  •     Marriage Counseling

  •     Pre-marriage Counseling

  •     Life Purpose and Transition

  •     Relationship Counseling

  •     Family Counseling

  •     Grief Counseling

  •     Boundaries

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a good beginning toward ending emotional distress.  Interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts are frequently aided by this method.


Marital Counseling

Marital Counseling may be considered when the following are present: (1) recurring marital conflicts, (2) long periods of silence as a means of avoiding conflicts, (3) sexual conflicts, (4) conflicts regarding management of the home or its finances. Marriage Counseling involves both spouses.


Life Coaching
A Life Coach is a person who comes along another person, to help and facilitate improvement in their lives, finding their own solutions to life's challenges, and reaching their personal goals.   A coach uses many different techniques and tools, unique to a particular client to help the process of setting and reaching goals.  A Life Coach will brainstorm and partner with a client, to assist in developing creative ideas and plans, and to motivate and inspire them to achieve their goals.  Some of the benefits a Life Coach brings to a client are the coach's ability to help a client focus, stay encouraged, and sustain hope and motivation throughout the Life Coaching process.

Breaking Free from Bondages

Breaking free from bondages allows us to regain our control over our habits and lives, to be all that God had intended for us to be.  Learning how to overcome bondages and habits that have been shaped by life experiences, our family background, and the choices we have made, and learning how to stay free will allow us to be all that God has designed us and called us to be.  Begin to live a life that is restored.


Inner Healing

We all grew up in different families, had different friends, different ancestries, and different life experiences.  All these contribute to who we are, and many times are the source of our hurts (all the way back to the womb).  How we respond to others is usually based out of our own hurts.  When others have been hurt too, our words to each other are many times misunderstood.  When our past hurts are healed we are free to respond (and love) the way we want to, and the way God would like for us to!


Inner Healing is a step by step process of healing from past trauma through understanding our past, when necessary grieving our losses and learning how to forgive.  The end result is coming to a place of acceptance and freedom in Christ.